Overcoming the demands of digital content: Is your pharma content approval system ready for the modern age?

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Over the last ten years the increase in use of digital content and communication throughout pharma has been marked. One of the major benefits of this is the ability to tailor communications more precisely, but this also brings the challenge of managing a far more complex and varied content landscape - all of which must be compliant. It is no secret that this is a time-consuming practice.

Restructuring the pharmaceutical industry’s content approval processes could reduce time spent on compliance procedures by as much as 25 per cent.

That’s according to a new white paper from Veeva, which makes the case for the value of end-to-end commercial content software in the digital age.

Managing Content Across the Digital Supply Chain explains that the upsurge of digital media and commercial content distribution offers huge benefits to the life sciences sector – but outdated content development, approval and distribution processes are standing in the way.

Jamie Antis, managing director, at Accenture Life Sciences, said: “The life sciences industry is facing a fundamental transformation, from a product orientation to an outcome orientation.

“The implications of this profound change — and the opportunities it unleashes to engage customers and patients in entirely new ways is staggering — with content at the very heartbeat of this new dynamic.”

In many businesses, content is scattered across various sources, both within the organisation and externally, and these regional siloes lead to millions of dollars being wasted on duplicating materials.

According to figures from The Veeva 2015 Commercial Content Management Survey, just 6 per cent of respondents use an end-to-end commercial content management system. Yet their implementation could cut review cycle time by 57 per cent and the time agencies spent initiating and uploading jobs by 88 per cent.

“The rapid pace of content production, coupled with the multitude of content types, calls for an end-to-end solution that can support compliance requirements for life sciences commercial content, while enabling the distribution of dynamic content across multiple channels,” said John Chinnici, vice president of Veeva Vault PromoMats.

Managing Content Across the Digital Supply Chain looks at the number of companies still using paper or email-based content management systems.

It also shows how to evaluate a company’s existing review, approval and distribution processes, and how an end-to-end system could offer the following benefits:

  • streamlined content creation, review, and approval
  • better compliance
  • effective digital asset management
  • accelerated time to market

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