Maximising brand growth across the brand journey

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A new report from Kantar Health sets out how brand leaders can identify key levers for driving growth within each pillar, from launch through to managing decline, and elevate the opportunities for brand success at these critical junctures.

Today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare market demands close attention to creating and maintaining a brand’s value at every stage of the product lifecycle – a critical shift that is a world away from the more traditional pure launch focus of the past.

Underpinning this evolution is the knowledge that brand needs vary throughout the four key stages of the journey:

  • Launch
  • Immediate growth post-launch
  • Peak performance
  • Managing decline

In this respect, recognising and effectively addressing these differing needs is crucial to delivering and sustaining brand equity and accelerating growth opportunities throughout the lifecycle.

Driving this new momentum toward growth optimisation throughout the product journey are transformational changes within the broader healthcare environment. Not only are the barriers to market access higher than ever before, but the trend towards niche drug launches calls for robust real-world evidence to underpin a brand’s value proposition in the marketplace.

With this in mind, an integrated approach incorporating the key concepts of brand access, execution of brand strategy, and stakeholders’ experience of that strategy, will enable growth to be delivered at each stage of the journey. This Edge of Insight report sets out how brand leaders can identify key levers driving growth within each pillar, from launch through to managing decline, and elevate the opportunities for brand success at these critical junctures.