Who are the pharma social media butterflies?

Social media has got everyone talking and it seems like everyone in pharma is talking about social media, so Ogilvy Healthworld figured it was time to analyse who were the pharma social media butterflies, driving the conversation, and who were the wallflowers, standing back to observe first.

By now, the pharma industry has a pretty clear view that a) social media is here to stay and b) there is value in using these new channels to better understand diseases, products and patient needs. But the regulatory environment within which pharma operates still makes companies nervous to get involved and they are therefore all developing their social presence at different rates.

Here, Ogilvy Healthworld conducted some analysis between 2012 and 2013 to see what level of activity and engagement the leading pharmaceutical companies were conducting on corporate activities. In doing so, an interesting picture emerges of the social media butterflies, who are diving in, and the wallflowers, who prefer to stand back and let others drive the pace.

Read this white paper from Ogilvy Healthworld to understand:

• Who are the pharma social media butterflies and wallflowers

• How different companies have evolved over 2013

• What metrics are appropriate for measuring pharma social media engagement

• What can be learned from the more engaged companies – the butterflies

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