The meaning of personalised healthcare to patients

The confluence of personalised medicine and the digital information age means that a much greater volume of information is required by physicians in successfully treating patients. In this original pharmaphorum white paper, produced in partnership with Inspire, the real meaning of personalised medicine to patients is explored via primary research on how they communicate with oncologists, with consequent lessons for the pharmaceutical industry.

Inspire collaborated with pharmaphorum media to conduct original research with its cancer communities in order to understand the relationship between the patient and the oncologist. This exclusive white paper, made possible by the support of AstraZeneca, analyses the outputs to assess how patients and oncologists are adapting to the communications challenges of the information age and the impact this might have on treatment outcomes.

Download this white paper to:

• Evaluate how strong the cancer patient – oncologist relationship is.

• Understand what factors define a good, and bad, patient interaction with their oncologist.

• Determine to what extent cancer patients are, and want to be, involved in treatment decisions.

• Explore what personalised medicine really means to cancer patients.

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This media accompanies the round table video debate ‘Oncology shaping the future of personalised healthcare‘, sponsored by AstraZeneca.