Plugging modular content into pharma’s omnichannel strategies

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Plugging modular content into pharma’s omnichannel strategies

86% of respondents to a recent Veeva survey of pharma and biotech professionals said they are creating a greater volume of content now, compared to six months ago.  Yet while many pharma companies are creating more content than ever before, they also face increased pressure to quickly deliver highly personalised - and compliant - content to HCPs.

The proliferation of digital channels - and the COVID-promoted shift to remote working - have focused attention on speed and quality, so further work is needed to make the content creation process more efficient and less prone to error.

At a time when pharma marketing materials are often recreated and reapproved multiple times, and when regional teams can struggle to reuse assets across different regions, a dramatic shift in how to draft, review and distribute assets is needed. Modular content can provide a new foundation for creating relevant commercial content faster and at scale.

To assist executives in life sciences with scaling marketing assets in a virtual world Veeva has published a new eBook, Powering Omnichannel Strategies with Modular Content.

Acknowledging that life science companies are on a continuing journey with their use of modular marketing content, the eBook looks at how speed, personalisation and compliance will define the future of the content ecosystem - from creation all the way through to omnichannel delivery.

The publication provides:

  • A clear process for creating pharma modular content
  • A roadmap for bringing modular content to life
  • The key questions sales and marketing executives should ask of their content
  • An outline of the metrics for success that can be applied
  • A way to approach change management in modular content

Download Powering Omnichannel Strategies with Modular Content.

21 January, 2021