Patient research – the changing landscape: Harnessing the voice of the citizen expert

Empowered patients, or citizen experts as they are often called, are becoming one of the most powerful forces in healthcare, which means the pharmaceutical industry must learn to effectively engage with them. Here, new research presented by Kantar Health explores exactly what is driving patient empowerment and what it means for pharma.

The fact that the 30 patients taking part in this survey directly influence over 800,000 others on a monthly basis speaks volumes about the reach and influence of citizen experts. The empowered patient movement is gathering pace and influencing all aspects of healthcare. Analysing the responses from these patients outlines the key drivers of this change, what kinds of information sharing empowered patients are getting involved in and, critically, how the pharma industry should be engaging with them.

Read this white paper from Kantar Health, featuring exclusive new research, to understand:

• What is driving the rise of empowered patients

• The advice empowered patients are providing to their peers and healthcare providers

• How empowered patients want to work with the pharma industry

• The future of the empowered patient / citizen expert movement

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