How to effectively engage in the rare disease space

Engaging with the relevant healthcare stakeholders for pharma company sales forces increasingly requires on-going adapatation and new skills, but engaging in the rare disease space is even harder, with specialist physicians often being difficult to find and lacking in appropriate disease information. Here, MXM Health highlights some of the challenges and skills-based solutions for training sales forces in the rare disease space.

In this new white paper from healthcare training and marketing experts MXM Health, a review of the rare disease space is presented, including the challenges faced by medical practitioners and how the pharma industry can help address these through empowering its sales teams with the right skills.

Download this report to:

• Appreciate the challenges faced by healthcare practitioners in treating rare diseases.

• Understand what information is needed by both physicians and sales teams in this space.

• Visualise the blend of skills required by sales teams to address these challenges.

• Learn about training techniques to address these skills requirements.

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