Social pharma faces: Silja Chouquet

Paul Tunnah interviews Silja Chouquet

whydot GmbH

Adding the wealth of expert knowledge we’ve accumulated in this series on the rise of digital and social media within pharma from within the European market, pharmaphorum speak with Silja Chouquet.

Silja Chouquet is an influential and active tweeter, known more commonly to some as ‘whydotpharma’. With the benefit of working within social media and digital within pharma since its early origins, Silja has seen the area develop from its infancy. Owner and CEO of a social media consulting agency, whydot GmbH, Silja also co-founded the popular tweet chat #hcsmeu.

Speaking with Silja, pharmaphorum discussed the changes she’s noted in social media engagement over the last few years and explores the next steps for pharma in the social media world. In addition to highlighting the online campaigns and initiatives that she’s noted to be a success she expands on what pharma companies need to do to become a future success. Has the time come for pharma to start asking ‘why not?’

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About the interviewee:

Silja is the owner and CEO of whydot GmbH, an agency specialized in social media consulting, coaching and training. Her fields of expertise are the creation of patient-focused social media communications and marketing campaigns.Prior to starting her own business, Silja built a solid track record as a consultant and line manager in the health care industry with over ten years of experience. She worked for major pharmaceutical companies, where she held senior positions in sales, strategic planning, market research and business intelligence.Previously, Silja was Global Head of Marketing science for the IDTI BU at Novartis Pharma. During her time there, she drove and facilitated the creation of social media strategy.

Silja started her career as a senior consultant at Mercer Management (now Oliver Wyman). She holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Georgetown University in Washington DC and an MBA from INSEAD. Silja speaks German, English and French.

How can pharma work towards future social media success?