Social pharma faces: Gary Monk (part I)

Paul Tunnah interviews Gary Monk

Across Health

Pharma is slowly learning to embrace the digital world as a new means to communicate with healthcare providers, payers and even patients. Despite the lack of formal social media guidance the first forays into this new space have at times been successful, other times less so, but have always yielded valuable lessons for all involved.

As pharmaphorum sees more and more such initiatives being undertaken, we thought it appropriate to embrace the spirit of social media and reach out to some of the key figures to discuss their experiences. We hope to be speaking with a number of such people over the course of 2011, the “social pharma faces” to hear what they have to say.

Kicking things off this week, we’re pleased to catch up with Gary Monk, formerly with Janssen and recently moved to consulting company Across Health. Gary was the winner of the prestigious Digital Pioneer Award at the recent PM Society Advertising Awards, primarily for his work in the ADHD space. Here, he talks about how he is seeing pharma change when it comes to digital communication and what the key challenges are for the industry.

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About the interviewee:

Gary Monk is a serial innovator with a wealth of experience integrating new channels into pharma brand strategy. After a successful period at Janssen he recently won the PM society digital pioneer award and in 2011 moved to the consultancy firm Across Health. He can be contacted at, through Twitter, Linkedin or by phone on +44 (0)7776 242276.

Across Health specialises in the integration of digital and innovative approaches with existing channels. This process starts with insights and strategy, with hands on expertise to support effective implementation and measurement of success. For more information visit

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