Social pharma faces: Ángel González

Paul Tunnah interviews Ángel González


The advertising model for pharma is changing with the growth of the digital world and the increasing power of the patient. No longer is the brand message tightly under the control of the marketing company, it is now shaped at least as much by the experience of the consumer, with control being wrestled away from the marketing teams. And whether pharma likes or loathes what the patients are saying about its medicines, listening to them is absolutely essential.

In addition, all the traditional means of research and learning are now also moving online, with sites such as blogs, forums, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter all providing useful means to keep up to speed on the latest developments. However, live events still have a part to play and coordinating online and offline activities is critical for success in the 21st century.

As the second interview in this series looking at those shaping pharma social media, we’re pleased to catch up with Ángel González, a veteran of pharma industry and now CEO of his own company Ideagoras, based in Spain. As he works with his pharma clients to help them embrace social media Ángel often deals with the fears, confusion and mistrust that this new channel can often engender in big corporates. However, he also sees solutions to integrating offline and online activities that will help retain the best of the old world and embrace the opportunities of the new one.

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About the interviewee:

Ángel González is the Founder and CEO of Ideagoras, a pharma advertising company based in Spain that is embracing the opportunities of social media. At its heart, Ideagoras is a business ecosystem that has as its core principle innovation in creating brand experiences and in bringing and managing change in organizations. For direct enquiries he can be emailed at or visit for more information.

How can offline and online advertising best integrate?