Physicians perspectives: Dr Joseph Kim

Hannah Blake interviews Dr Joseph Kim

MCM Education

Continuing our physician perspectives series, we speak with  Dr Joseph Kim. Joseph shares with us his views on social media, mobile health and how he sees the relationship between pharma and physicians evolving in the future.

CME, mhealth and social media are all hot topics within the pharma world at the moment. This month’s physician perspective combines all three hot topics, as we speak with Dr Joseph Kim, who is a physician executive, digital entrepreneur and technologist.

One of his main roles, as President of MCM Education, is speaking about the importance of continuing medical education (CME), which helps physicians to maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas in pharma. But as physicians get busier and busier, pharma needs to be able to find a way to communicate CME, and the latest news, safety warnings and drug developments, more effectively – Joseph shares, in his opinion, what needs to be changed in order to overcome this issue.

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00:15 – How Joseph first became involved in the healthcare industry.

01:22 – His responsibilities in digital, social media and CME.

04:21 – The ways in which pharma can keep physicians up-to-date with the latest technology.

06:33 – The benefits to physicians using social media, according to Joseph.

08:38 – How mobile health technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered.

11:06 – Joseph’s thoughts on how the relationship between pharma and physicians will evolve in the future.

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About the interviewee:

Dr Joseph Kim is a physician executive, digital entrepreneur, and technologist. He is a national speaker on topics related to continuing medical education (CME), mobile health (mHealth), and social media in medicine.

Joseph is the President of MCM Education, which develops certified continuing medical education activities in joint-sponsorship with accredited providers, and is also an active member of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP).

As a digital entrepreneur, Joseph founded to provide resources for physicians interested in non-clinical jobs and careers. He also founded several websites focused on health technology and mobile health:,, and Joseph serves on the medical advisory board of Doximity and the advisory board of SearchHealthIT.

How can pharma communicate with physicians more effectively?