Physician perspectives: Dr Joe Kosterich

Hannah Blake interviews Dr Joe Kosterich

pharmaphorum’s Assistant Editor interviews Australian medical doctor, author and TV presenter, Dr Joe Kosterich, as part of our physician perspectives series.

There’s a huge focus on health these days, from what foods you should be eating, to how much exercise you should be doing and how much sleep you should be getting. And while the pharmaceutical industry works hard to combat diseases, health professionals, such as our latest interviewee Dr Joe Kosterich, works to combat some of the mythology around some of these common health issues.

With over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry, Dr Joe is a leading Australian doctor, author and TV presenter. In our interview, Dr Joe shares his opinions on the importance of keeping up with technological advancements. Nowadays, younger generations want all information readily available on their smartphones and tablets, and Dr Joe stresses that in order to share health information, physicians, too, must keep up with the times.


“Although there is a fine line for physicians between providing information and providing advice, Dr Joe shows that social networking is not to be afraid of…”


However, keeping up with the latest trends also has its downside. Dr Joe discusses some of the key challenges he believes physicians face when it comes to using social media, as many shy away through fear of losing their jobs and facing negative feedback. Although there is a fine line for physicians between providing information and providing advice, Dr Joe shows that social networking is not to be afraid of, sharing the inspiration behind setting up his website,, and the success he has had in sharing health information to a wider audience.

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00:15 – Dr Joe’s background in family medicine

02:12 – The inspiration behind

03:33 – Some of the biggest concerns people contact Dr Joe about

04:49 – Dr Joe discusses the key challenges for physicians using social media, in his opinion

06:49 – The importance in keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends

08:44 – How pharma can better engage with physicians

10:49 – Dr Joe’s thoughts on some ways in which patient care can be improved further in the future

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About the interviewee:

Dr Joe Kosterich is an author, keynote and motivational speaker, general practitioner and health industry consultant. Previously Dr Joe has held senior positions in the Australian Medical Association and sat on numerous industry and government boards as well as having extensive corporate experience in the setting up and management of medical centres.

Dr Joe’s DIY Health is founded on the principle that your health is directly influenced by how you live your life. The decisions and choices you make about what you put into your body, how active you are, how much rest and relaxation you get and how you deal with stress impact on your health, vitality and wellbeing.

His media activities include being a regular columnist in the West Australian Newspaper, Guest reporter on Channel 7?s Today / Tonight, radio 6PR mornings with Paul Murray and also as their night line doctor. Dr Joe is on the advisory panel and contributor to Prevention Magazine, and is a spokesperson for Virtual Medical Centre.

You can find Dr Joe on Facebook and on Twitter.

How can we improve physicians’ awareness of social media?