Perspectives on technology in SFE


In association with IMS Health

The pace of new technology entering the market is astounding, with the latest and greatest devices showing the potential to radically change business models. In particular, the ability of mobile devices to connect the customer, field sales and central management within the world of pharma will significantly shape the future of sales force effectiveness (SFE) in our industry over the next few years. However, looking beyond the “shiny new tech” and understanding exactly how to use such devices for business efficiency can often be confusing.

So to understand exactly what all this means for pharma, pharmaphorum managed to nip across to Barcelona for this year’s European SFE Summit, hosted by eyeforpharma, to hear some first-hand perspectives. Working in conjunction with IMS Health, we spoke to a number of stakeholders from within the industry and service sector to find out how and where technology is changing pharma SFE. Critically, we hear directly from those working within the industry to their views on what the future looks like for pharma sales.

Watch the short video review below to find out who we spoke to and what we uncovered.


0:12 – What is changing the landscape for SFE?

0:57 – How is technology shaping engagement on the ground?

1:47 – How is technology changing the game for pharma?

2:50 – Where is pharma SFE heading in the future?

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How will technology shape the future of SFE?