NHS reform: the inside view from pharma

Paul Tunnah interviews Ian Sampson

Shire Pharmaceuticals

The news in the UK continues to buzz with speculation around what kind of National Health Service (NHS) the country will end up with once the debate has settled down and the plans are finalised. In addition, as pharma is a global industry and cost containment on medicines is gradually impacting drug prices in every country it’s a debate that continues to be watched by other nations with interest.

Recently, pharmaphorum spoke with Mike Sanvoisin of IMS Health to get the UK service side perspective on these forthcoming changes. However, it’s the pharma companies who will need to engage with a very different looking front-line once the plans have been drawn up, so we thought it might be useful to get the inside perspective. How are pharma companies expecting this to impact their business model and what preparations are being made to cope with such a change?

In this video interview, we spoke with Ian Sampson from Shire Pharmaceuticals, an experienced marketer who shared with us his candid personal views on what this means for anyone working in the UK pharma industry. Over the course of our discussion, we explored who the new prescribing decision makers will be, the structural and behavioural impact for pharma commercial models, the importance of outcomes data and the rise of the patient voice as a key influencer on the market.

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About the interviewee:

Ian is a Chemistry graduate and has worked in the pharma industry for the last 8 years, initially as a primary and secondary care sales representative and for the last 5 years in marketing currently working as a senior product manager within Shire pharmaceuticals. With a strong focus on strategic challenges and adapting to our changing environment, Ian is passionate about how pharmaceutical companies evolve the way that they engage with their customers (existing and new) and develop brand offerings to better need the meeds of our customers and put ensuring the patient is at the centre.

Business as usual for big pharma after UK NHS reform?