Measuring productive innovation (part III)

Paul Tunnah interviews Mike Rea

IDEA Pharma

(Continued from “Measuring productive innovation (part II)”)

Innovation is only truly valuable if it effectively reaches the market and the target patient groups. So pharma has a role in not only researching new drugs and medical technologies, but also in ensuring it is able to commercialise such novel technologies. The question is therefore how the relative ability of pharma companies to do this can be understood?

pharmaphorum caught up with Mike Rea, CEO of IDEA Pharma, to discuss its new Productive Innovation Index, a tool for measuring, scoring and ranking the major pharma companies’ capabilities in delivering innovation to market. In part III of this three part interview, we explored where innovation sits in a company, how the index can be used and what inspiration can be drawn from outside pharma.

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About the interviewee:

Mike Rea is a Principal with IDEA Pharma, who enjoys taking a look outside the industry to learn how it can think differently. For more information on IDEA Pharma please visit

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