Innovation in the pharma industry (part 2): what challenges are there to implementing innovation?


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pharmaphorum spoke with a number of attendees of the Cegedim Relationship Management’s ‘2012 Life Science Forum’ on their views on the current challenges to implement innovation. Their responses can be seen in this video in the second of this four-part video series.

Continued from ‘Innovation in the pharma industry (part 1): how well is pharma driving innovation?

What are the blocks preventing pharma from implementing innovation? We asked several attendees of Cegedim Relationship Management’s ‘2012 Life Science Forum’ event to hear their thoughts. Their responses can be viewed in the video below.

This is the second of a four-part video series looking at innovation within pharma. Future videos will address what pharma can do to drive innovation and what the future of innovation in pharma looks like.

Watch the short video review below to find out who we spoke with and what they shared.

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The full video can be viewed on YouTube here.


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What challenges are there to implementing innovation in pharma?