Executive perspectives: Morten Hjelmsø

Paul Tunnah interviews Morten Hjelmsø


As pharmaphorum highlights many of the communications issues facing pharma, it is important to remember that these issues are faced not only on a large scale company basis, but also at the micro level of the rep sitting in front of the doctor. Unless pharma can clearly convey the product benefits to an increasingly busy physician population, even the most innovative new treatment will struggle to succeed. Getting it right first time and delivering the right information has never been more important.

So we recently caught up with Morten Hjelmsø, Founder and CEO of Agnitio, who is implementing new approaches to helping pharma engage with healthcare providers through the use of technology. Here, Morten explains how the old art of segmentation cannot survive, why the doctor is looking for a more engaging discussion that is relevant specifically to them and how new digital techniques can help to enable that. With dynamic interactive detailing demanding tailored information at the touch of screen, it seems that the days of the traditional detail aid might well be numbered.

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0:14 – New opportunities for pharma to physician communication.

1:14 – Is pharma grasping the opportunity?

2:56 – On traditional segmentation and whether it is dead.

3:52 – Thoughts on what healthcare providers actually want from the detail.

5:13 – The future for central management and closed loop marketing (CLM).

6:21 – The right approach to changing the representative detail.

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About the interviewee:

Morten Hjelmsø is the Founder and CEO at Agnitio, a leading provider of Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) software aimed at supporting sales and marketing within pharmaceutical companies. Agnitio CLM helps to control and shorten today’s complex sales processes.

Morten is taking part in a free webinar run by eyeforpharma, entitled “The reasons why intelligent CLM can give you far more than you think” on the 2nd May.

Does the traditional rep detail still have value?