Editor’s voice: February – top pharma innovators please!

Rebecca Aris


Before we review the highlights of our February content and look at what’s to come, we have some exciting news to share…

Top pharma innovators

We’re currently seeking to find out who you consider to be the top innovators in pharma. We want you to nominate the person that you believe to be a top innovator in pharma and let us know why. Entries need to be emailed to pharmaphorum by 1st April, after which we will share our results with you. The rules to nominating an innovator are simple:-

• Your nominated innovator cannot work in the same company as you.

• You need to submit your entries along with a description (maximum 200 words) of why you think your nomination is the top innovator in pharma.

• Please include your name and company with your nomination.

“We want you to nominate the person that you believe to be a top innovator in pharma.”

Our editorial advisory board will help us with any final decisions to determine the true top innovator – so get nominating now!

Past month’s highlights

Moving on to our usual look at last month’s content. my personal highlights of February’s content were:-

• Nick Broughton’s animated recount of his episode in Oxford street, which he uses to demonstrate the power of prejudice and how it may not always be detrimental but is important to recognise – especially when it is aimed towards an industry, such as pharma.

• An interview with Johan Geerinck of Janssen on what pharma can do to become a greener industry.

Ryan McGuire’s journey of selecting the right medical journal for your publication.

Tapan Ray’s insights into the pharmaceutical industry in India during this period of growth and change.

• The start of a new series on medical device marketing.

• Paul Tunnah taking a lighthearted approach to the industry by investigating the relationship between biotech and pharma in ‘Tunnah’s musings’.

“We’ve recently grown our editorial board, which now features 21 individuals from a range of functional and geographic areas from all over pharma”

What else is new?

You may remember that last year we appointed our editorial advisory board. These experts offer advice to pharmaphorum on what content they would like to see us publish. In this past month we’ve grown our editorial board, which now features 21 individuals from a range of functional and geographic areas from all over pharma. A full list can be seen below:-

• Alex Butler, The Social Moon

• Andrew Spong, Social Business Developer / Health Communications Consultant

• Andy Smith, OBN

• Angel Gonzalez, Ideagoras

• Angela Dunn, Blogbrevity

• Bertalan Mesko, Webicina.com

• Chris Stevenson, Succienct Healthcare Communication

• Dinesh Chindarkar, MediaMedic Communications and GlobalHealthPR

• Fran Sivers, The Primary Care Cardiovascular Society

• Ian Talmage, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

• Len Starnes, Digital healthcare consultant

• Michael Spitz, Ignite Health

• Mike Rea, IDEA Pharma

• Nick Stephens, RSA Group

• Nigel Brooksby, Health Information

• Peter Llewellyn, Network Pharma

• Silja Chouquet, Whydot

• Taffy Williams, Colonial Technology Development Co.

• Valentina Jaramillo, Clinical Research Professional and #hcsmla founder

• Wendy Blackburn, Intouch Solutions

• Faisal Ahmed, Head of digital at Life Healthcare Communications

We’re looking forward to working with this outstanding panel to develop and shape our content to ensure we’re covering the hottest topics across a broad range or functional and geographic areas.

So look out for some insightful content, inspired by these experts!

Upcoming content

In addition, to developing our editorial advisory board, we’re also increasing our content levels. From the 1st March pharmaphorum will be publishing two articles a day, we hope that with so much content on the site, there will be something of interest for everyone.

Furthermore, the upcoming months will see some exciting themed content, kicking off with April, which will see a focus on Market Access. During this time you can expect an abundance of content around the topic of Market Access as well as our usual regular pieces. If there are topics you would like to read on around this theme or if you’d like to write an article in this area, then we want to hear from you.

Until next month, keep sending in your suggestions and stay tuned for our increased content starting tomorrow!

About the author:

Rebecca Aris is Managing Editor of pharmaphorum, the dynamic online information and discussion portal for the pharmaceutical industry. For queries she can be reached through the site contact form or via Twitter @Rebecca_Aris.