Why pharma shouldn’t forget about sites in a post-COVID world

The pandemic forced massive changes to oncology sites to ensure patient safety and research continuity – but we must recalibrate and work with sites to understand the value proposition of the technologies and methodologies adopted, says Syneos Health’s Angela Hirst.

Formerly an oncology nurse and now director of Sites and Patient Services at Syneos Health’s Oncology Catalyst Site Network Program, Hirst saw first-hand the challenges sites faced when COVID hit, and the many innovative ways in which they adapted.

She says the US network sites reacted as most sites globally did, with anxiety and concern for their patients at the onset of COVID.

“The US healthcare system is complicated and is unlike state provided healthcare models in other countries. During the initial stages of the pandemic, patient onsite visits dropped due to trial cancellations and disruptions, leaving a financially devastating impact on many clinical research sites.


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