Roche, big data and patient outcomes: the pharmaphorum podcast

In the first pharmaphorum podcast of 2020 Roche’s Conor Megaw talks about his company’s approach to big data and how some of its partnerships have been performing.

Megaw is a strategic partnerships lead at Roche Products in the UK, with responsibilities that include partnering with the NHS to leverage broad scale genomic profiling and meaningful data at scale.

In episode 17 of the podcast he discussed what types of information is actually involved in big data, where AI/machine learning fits in and what Roche’s therapeutic area focuses are in this rapidly emerging area.

We also touched on the privacy concerns patients, HCPs and health systems can have over the use of health data and the impact of GDPR and other regulations have on the use of big data.

You can listen to episode 17 of the podcast here, download the episode to your computer or find it – and subscribe to the rest of the series – in iTunes, Spotifyacast and Stitcher.