Perspectives on personalised healthcare (PHC)

Ahead of a broader round table debate being filmed by pharmaphorum later this year, AstraZeneca’s Head of Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers, Ruth March, explains why she is so passionate about personalised medicine and how it is revolutionising both pharma development and critical treatment options for patients.

In this short video, Ruth March explains what drives her passion for working in personalised healthcare, why it is important for pharma and patients, how AstraZeneca is integrating this approach into its research and development and what benefit is already being delivered to patients in different disease areas.


0’15” – Why Ruth is so passionate about personalised healthcare

1’14” – Why personalised healthcare is important for the pharma industry

2’18” – AstraZeneca’s approach to personalised healthcare

3’42” – Key disease areas focussed on by personalised healthcare

5’10” – Has personalised healthcare proved itself?

About the interviewee:

Ruth March is VP and Head of Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers at AstraZeneca. This function includes over 100 experts in diagnostic and biomarker science. She has more than ten years’ experience in the field of Personalised Healthcare. Ruth has been instrumental in driving over 70% of AstraZeneca’s drug projects to adopt Personalised Healthcare, has published extensively and is a member of several expert advisory boards.

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