Executive Perspectives: Jane Griffiths


In the latest in our series of interviews with senior executives who are steering the global pharma industry through a period of unparalleled change, pharmaphorum speaks with Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman for Janssen EMEA to hear her views on collaboration, innovation, market access, transparency and social responsibility.

During this brief video interview, Jane elaborates on her background and what it means to be a senior female executive in the pharma industry. In addition, she talks about some of the work that Janssen is doing to develop new, more collaborative and innovative business models. Highlighting the ethical focus at Janssen beyond drugs, Jane also discusses the company’s commitment to social responsibility and, via her role with EFPIA, what is happening on the subject of clinical data transparency.


0’15” – Jane’s career background and current focus

1’17” – How Janssen encourages collaborative research

2’22” – Dealing with the challenges of market access in Europe

3’13” – Progress on promotional and clinical data transparency

5’03” – Janssen’s commitment to corporate social responsibility

6’25” – Advice for the next generation of pharma industry leaders

About the interviewee:

Completing her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Aberystwyth, UK in 1982, Jane Griffiths has worked her way up the Johnson & Johnson career ladder, starting as a sales representative. The straight-talking Brit is now the first female Company Group Chairman of Janssen in EMEA, the pharmaceutical division of the Johnson & Johnson family. She is responsible for this business across the entire region.

Her personal approach focuses on sustainability, accountability, openness and collaboration, and she is leading Janssen EMEA to live these values. Jane has held a number of senior sales, marketing and R&D positions including International VP for Western Europe and South Africa, and Head of Market Access for Janssen EMEA.

As a senior female executive, Jane acknowledges the tension between family and work. She is a sponsor for the Women’s Leadership Initiative in Janssen and a Senior Advisory Board member of the EMEA Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). Other industry roles include Chairwoman of the EFPIA Executive Committee and member of the EFPIA Board.

A passionate conservationist, Jane is the founding chair and Executive Sponsor of the Janssen Global Citizenship and Sustainability Council. Jane is also Chair of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust in EMEA and a Board member.

For more information about Janssen please visit www.janssen.com.