The scattered seeds of the beginnings of change - a pharmaphorum podcast extra

Sales & Marketing

Speaking with Rob Verheul, CEO of Graphite Digital, at Anthropy 2022 at the Eden Project, pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh enjoyed a minute discussing the event and what specifically had attracted Verheul to attend.

Chatting about Graphite Digital’s role as a design specialist for HCPs, patient groups, and ‘everything in between’ – the vision and purpose that encircles that – Verheul and I look at the conversations being sparked at the event, the challenges that are clear across industries, and the collaborative efforts that are now required.

Touching upon the notion and ethics of being a B Corps company – and the Anthropy panel on that hard-achieved certification, with members buzzing about the connector that is the BeeHive, too – we contemplate key takeaways from the event and Britain’s oh-so-human future vision, the scattered seeds of the beginnings of change through good relationships included.

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