Recognizing How the Whole Person Influences Health Decisions

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Whole person health decisions

At the core of patient experience research the same condition-specific questions are often asked: how long ago were you diagnosed? What are your symptoms? How are your symptoms impacting quality of life? What treatments have you tried and what are you currently using? 

Depending on the specific objective, these questions are then rounded out with a few more relating to treatment goals, information-seeking, the emotional aspects of the patient journey, basic demographics etc. – all of which are important. Yet there are two aspects to understanding how a person makes health decisions that are often overlooked:

  1. Understanding the whole person – not just the patient – but the various life factors they bring to the table.
  2. Exploring how that person interacts with their HCP and factors that might affect patient-HCP communication and dynamics.

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2 May, 2023