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Company Profile Viseven

There is no doubt that pharma has developed quite a bit regarding its digital maturity. That said, there is still much room left for growth.

Viseven has been involved in pharma marketing since 2009, providing interactive content development and cloud-based solutions for global pharmaceutical brands in over 50 countries worldwide. The marketing provider for health tech helps life sciences companies implement and execute omnichannel digital operating models and enterprise content strategy, including but not limited to modular content for more efficient engagement with healthcare professionals.

“The pharmaceutical industry and pharma marketing, in particular, are going through groundbreaking transformations. Businesses of all sizes, from small companies to big brands, have faced the need to adapt to the new rules of the game if they want to evolve and prosper,” says Viseven CEO Nataliya Andriychuk.

“The techniques that many pharma companies are considering for the future of marketing were revised by the Viseven team a long time ago. Now, we are looking for more ways to innovate pharma marketing and enhance our expertise with clients and partners, and I’m really excited about that.”

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