BMS’ Catherine Owen on pharma commercialisation: the pharmaphorum podcast

Sales & Marketing

Episode 42 of the pharmaphorum podcast heard from Catherine Owen, who’s senior vice president of major markets at Bristol Myers Squibb, about the future of pharma commercialisation and communications. As part of that we looked at how she approaches the 19 markets she oversees and the challenges that can present. And Catherine suggests some areas of commercialisation she would like to see the industry evolve further. We also talked about her work mentoring the young female pharma leaders of the future and she gave some tips for how she’s approached her own career. You can listen to episode 42 of the pharmaphorum podcast in the player below, download the episode to your computer or find it – and subscribe to the rest of the series in iTunes, Spotify, acast, Stitcher and Podbean. This episode also appears, in an abridged version, in the latest issue of our digital magazine Deep Dive.