Proving ROI for digital endpoints

pharmaphorum podcast Episode 123

The costs associated with clinical trials are a major bottleneck to drug development and affordability. And, although clinical trials are in a period of innovation, it's not always clear that those innovations are having an effect on cost. But a new pre-print study from the Digital Medicine Society shows that using digital endpoints like sensor data in drug and device trials can reduce trial sizes and durations and potentially save tens of millions of dollars.
To discuss this study and the implications of the findings, DiME CEO Jennifer Goldsack returns to the podcast for a rousing conversation with host Jonah Comstock. 

They get into the ins and outs of the paper’s methodology and its findings and really interrogate what the findings do and don’t show about the financial benefit of using digital endpoints in clinical trials. They also talk about why that work is important in progressing towards the goal of making the use of these endpoints more widespread. 

Goldsack also shares a little more about the work that DiME does to create the publicly available digital endpoints library used in the study, and discusses the benefits of digital endpoints beyond the financial ones in the study.

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