Inside the new world of healthcare data

pharmaphorum podcast episode 84

These days, real-world data collection is in vogue and not hard to come by in healthcare research. But when Evidation was founded more than a decade ago, it was a novel idea. 

The company might have a lot of experience under its belt by now, but the field is also changing all the time, especially in a moment of absolute explosion in artificial intelligence.

On today’s pharmaphorum podcast, Evidation’s Executive Chair of the Board, Deborah Kilpatrick, joins host Jonah Comstock to talk about healthcare data collection in 2023 and how it intersects with stakeholders across the ecosystem, from tech and pharma companies to research participants.

In a far-reaching conversation, they talk about some of the tenets of good data stewardship, and how to build a business model that respects data donors and avoids bias, while still delivering value to researchers. And they talk about how both person- and system-generated data are important to the success of research, as well as the patient experience.

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