Alzheimer’s drugs: An overview and update

pharmaphorum podcast episode 93

When we covered JP Morgan in January, over and over we heard that neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer’s, were going to be one of the most exciting spaces in pharma this year. And it certainly has been – most recently with the FDA approval of ground-breaking disease-altering therapy leqanemab, which has a competitor, Lilly’s donanemab, coming around the bend.

For those who haven’t been paying close attention to this exciting space, or who just want to learn more context behind these developments, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock welcomes Dr Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a neurology professor at Harvard Medical School, to the podcast.

Dr Pascual-Leone gets into how these drugs work, describes the differences and similarities between them, and details both their exciting potential and their potential limitations. He also talks about the need for a holistic approach to Alzhemier’s treatment and the importance of lifestyle changes and early detection in fully addressing this devastating disease.

Tune in to get up to speed on one of the most important drug stories of 2023, and to hear one expert’s thoughts on what future developments could be coming next. 

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