How pharma can support doctors who treat rare diseases

Where do doctors see patients with rare diseases, how do they keep up with treatment advances and what can pharmaceutical companies do to help?

Those were just some of the questions addressed by exclusive research carried out by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based healthcare market research company MedPanel for this issue of pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive magazine.

The cohort of 100 doctors that took part in the online research are among those at the frontline of treating patients with rare diseases. On average 75% of their professional time is spent on patient care.

The survey focused on five rare diseases: multiple myeloma, lupus, haemophilia, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and cystic fibrosis patients (CF). The doctors within the survey that see these patients specialise in rheumatology (25% of respondents), haematology (22%), neurology (18%) and oncology (17%).

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