Dangerous data delays – a real-time problem

Dangerous data delays – a real-time problem

Delayed clinical trial data delivery is a growing problem for pharmaceutical companies and one that can have catastrophic consequences for the development of their promising pipeline candidates.

When data delivery lags behind the pace of a clinical study it means that data entry will be delayed – especially if the data arrives in multiple formats or from a number of different sources that then need to be reconciled.

The upshot of these issues can be a series of serious setbacks, as clearing redundant data becomes different and programming complex edit checks becomes next to impossible.

As illustrated in a new infographic from Remarque Systems, delays with the delivery of clinical trial data are a growing problem across the pharmaceutical industry, with important ramifications for studies in a number of areas, including personalised medicine.

The clinical trial optimisation company says that while delays in data transfer from external and internal partners have long been an expected inconvenience in the course of a clinical trial, the situation is quickly becoming untenable as the amount and variety of trial-related data multiples.

Where researches are unable to view or verify data they face errors, delays, inefficiencies and costs that should be entirely avoidable, Remarque Systems says.

A lack of real-time access to all of the available clinical trial data also means that clearing redundant data becomes difficult, and programming complex edit checks becomes impossible.

When it comes to accessing their clinical data, the majority of respondents in a 2018 Pharma Intelligence survey said they did not have real-time access to their data, which can cause problems that can go undetected until it is too late.

But there are ways to improve this situation, as Remarque Systems’ recent Is a lack of real-time data holding trials back? article makes clear.

The pharmaceutical industry faces continual pressure to optimise clinical trials, maximise returns and minimise risk. Better data quality can improve decision-making, making companies more informed, shrinking trial timelines and costs, and securing patient safety.

Remarque infographic

Purpose-built to simplify clinical trial data management

At Remarque, our mission is simple: Provide an easy, effective system to help manage clinical trial data. We succeed by delivering an intuitive, flexible platform that:

  • Uses real-time data from a variety of sources
  • Delivers comprehensive analysis, monitoring, and risk assessment
  • Provides an industry-leading, role-based data-visualisation display

The result: You have the information you need to improve clinical trial operations. Streamline reporting. And ensure patient safety.