Amgen and science education: the pharmaphorum podcast

Harvard University launched LabXchange in January and the free science education platform has acquired new resonance during the COVID-19 lockdowns that saw millions of students around the world move to home schooling.

LabXchange’s founding sponsor, with a contribution of $6.5 million, is Amgen and for this episode of the pharmaphorum podcast I spoke with Scott Heimlich, who’s vice president of the Amgen Foundation and director of philanthropy at Amgen Inc.

He discussed his company’s work to support science education and how he hopes LabXchange will drive inclusion in the scientific process and spark collaboration.

We also looked at how the platform might address the challenge of access to lab facilities that many aspiring scientists around the world face.

For students and teachers looking to get quickly started with LabXchange’s digital science content Harvard have, as Scott explained, produced a remote learning cluster of content on teaching lab skills, building scientific literacy, experimental thinking and more.

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Amgen and science education: the pharmaphorum podcast

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