Patients want to be heard. Is pharma listening?

A common theme heard from the advocacy groups AXON works with is “Nothing for us without us,” says Natalie Turner, director at AXON, a global healthcare communications agency. Patients want to be part of the healthcare conversation and genuinely heard by those who make the final decisions, but pharma does not always understand how to connect with patients.

“A lot of pharmaceutical companies are trying to get their heads around how to include patients in the conversation,” says Natalie. “The idea of collaboration and co-creation is at the heart of how AXON builds communities, and how we bring communities together.”

AXON works with both the patient community and pharma to improve healthcare outcomes. They introduce companies to the advocacy groups where they’ve built valuable and meaningful relationships while focusing on putting patients first. They also help to build broader coalitions, garner insights about the patient and caregiver journey, deliver awareness campaigns and support access.

Natalie says companies should embrace collaboration and co-creation to understand the patient journey thoroughly and ensure patients are provided with what they need instead of what companies think they need.

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