Conference report: Reuters Pharma USA

pharmaphorum podcast episode 120

Last week, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock travelled to Philadelphia for Reuters Pharma USA. On today’s podcast, he chats with guest host and Deep Dive editor Eloise McLennan about his biggest takeaways from the two-day event.

Listen in for insights about how cell and gene therapy is giving new life to value-based contracting, the limitations that are still holding it back, and the role of data and AI in enabling it.

They also discuss pharma’s evolving response to the drug pricing provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, what pharma is doing to address the high cost of drugs, and what role different stakeholders have to play in solving these problems.

And they touch on the ongoing challenges in administering and paying for cell and gene therapy and how that space is evolving to tackle those challenges. Finally, find out what the deal is with the giant cheetah in the background of all the photos in our Reuters Pharma USA liveblog.

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