Conference report: Reuters Pharma Europe

pharmaphorum podcast episode 124

In this special edition of the pharmaphorum podcast, the tables have turned as Jonah Comstock puts editors Eloise McLennan and Nicole Raleigh in the hot seat to discuss the biggest trends and talking points from last month’s Reuters Pharma Europe 2024 in Barcelona.

Tune in to learn about the challenges of expanding access to advanced therapies, like cell and gene treatments, across Europe's diverse market, and how discrepancies in time to market between member states create headaches for manufacturers.

On the subject of equitable access, the trio also touch upon the need to address historical inequities in clinical research, the evolving role of digital tools in enhancing the patient experience, and calls from industry leaders to "rewire the management of disease" for the innovations ahead.

Plus, with the hype of previous years giving way to a clearer view of AI's disruptive potential, is it time to grieve, or can pharma companies successfully unite technology and humans to drive real innovation for patients? And what does all this have to do with row boats?

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