[Webinar] How to evolve your expertise in Veeva


If your organization is not completely new to Veeva systems…

…chances are you’ve already been considering this: are there any ways to become more self-sufficient in using the broad range of possibilities at hand? It turns out, some affiliates are already reaping the benefits of in-house Veeva expertise, and know well when to address an agency – and when not to.

It’s not just about the CRM, but also digital assets management and workflows. The key to acquiring Veeva virtuosity to the desired extent is, what can be automated, hardly ever should be done by hand again.

The webinar to join for practical insights will be held on July 26 (it’s Thursday), at 4:00 PM CEST (and it’s a free one). A 30 min discussion with IT-to-pharma specialists is bound to reveal the shortcuts to Veeva expertise:

  • Getting content published in Veeva almost by itself;
  • Setting up harmony between Veeva and adjacent platforms and tools for content editing;
  • How to know when you can manage a particular process easier than now.

You can visit the webinar page to learn more; it also contains the registration form. As pharma companies boost in-house digital talent, being an insider is pure value.