STEM changes its name to reflect broad service offering

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STEM Marketing has changed its name to STEM Healthcare. The global benchmarking company made the decision following feedback from medical clients that the original name didn’t reflect STEM’s diverse capabilities for commercial and non-commercial teams.

With more than 10,000 face-to-face observations of pharmaceutical field medical teams to date, STEM Healthcare has the most in-depth analysis available of the pharmaceutical company medical team function across the globe – from understanding their functional purpose to the evaluation of their scientific engagement skills with healthcare professionals.

To celebrate the name change, STEM Healthcare launched a short video to explain the value and process of its benchmarking process for field medical teams. It has been watched in more than 35 countries to date.

STEM Healthcare has also launched new branding, and will shortly move its London office into a much larger premises nearby to create space for its rapidly expanding team.

CEO and founder, Rob Wood, said: “STEM has grown substantially over the past 12 months and is working with 29 of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in more than 40 countries. Our change of name to STEM Healthcare will hopefully enable us to grow even faster as the global leader in benchmarking services to the healthcare industry.”

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Cat Metcalfe

16 November, 2017