PRISYM ID joins Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution

The two firms are collaborating to create a unique, end-to-end labeling solution tailored for medical device organizations

Wokingham, United Kingdom — 22nd June 2021 — Labeling software specialist PRISYM ID has joined the Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution Partner Program. Together with Siemens, they are working on a new hybrid solution designed to digitally integrate all labeling processes with an organization’s product lifecycle management (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) platforms.

As a Siemens partner, the design and regulated label management capabilities of the PRISYM 360 labeling platform can be combined with Siemens’ Teamcenter® software for PLM and Opcenter™ software for MOM systems to create a more seamless process. This solution is designed to offer a suite of integrated software tools for efficient re-use of standardized and bespoke label content, with complete digital traceability to support compliance processes.

Siemens’ Medical Device Labeling Solution is intended to support labeling needs across the whole lifecycle by providing a fully digitalized approach to labeling, spanning requirements, concept, design, approvals and production. Designed for the Medical Device industry, this solution has been inspired by customer feedback showing demand for a fully integrated labeling offer that digitalizes and connects research and development (R&D) and manufacturing processes to ensure content is accurate and compliant at every stage in a product’s development.

Through seamless dialogue and dataflow between PRISYM 360 and Teamcenter software, the product guides layout and authoring processes which link to the UDI (Unique Device Identifier) records and submission, helping enable accurate, validated and fully compliant outputs. A further integration between PRISYM 360 and the Opcenter manufacturing execution solution can enable product master data to be correctly imported into the labeling platform, designed to create accurate, just-in-time printing on the production line itself. As a member of the Solution Partner Program, PRISYM ID can work with Siemens to create best practice advice on system architecture and configuration, allowing the solution to be implemented in the best possible way for individual customer needs.

Kevin Grygiel, Vice-President of US Sales, PRISYM ID, said:

“Integrating product lifecycle management processes with label information has never before been done with the level of granularity and sophistication you get from bringing together two such outstanding products. 

“Combining the capabilities of PRISYM360 and Teamcenter, we can effectively bridge the gap between the fundamentals of designing and developing a product, as held in the PLM system, and the physical creation of labeling materials for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. The result is a uniquely powerful solution that will make a huge difference to our customers.”

Ryan Bauer, Director of Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Solutions, Siemens Digital Industry Software said: 

Medical Device labeling compliance pressure is constantly increasing with increased scrutiny and global regulations. The rapid expansion of UDI is one example of this, serving as a tipping point in the industry to re-examine their labeling practices.

This partnership with PRISYM ID enables seamless labeling workflows in the context of the entire product lifecycle.  Digital traceability is inherent in the process which results in a major customer benefit in re-use, speed, and compliance.”