Viseven announces integration with Oracle Cloud

TALLINN, April 8, 2016 – Today, Viseven unveiled Viseven CLM application in Oracle Cloud Marketplace to help partners build meaningful communication with HCPs and collect valuable feedback during the call. Through this new integration, Oracle users will be able to showcase their CLM expertise, vertical market offerings, and success with customers through new tiers of intelligent communication and progressive benefits.

Viseven now offers the most comprehensive CLM tool for cloud solutions available today,” said Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO, Viseven. “Our rapid growth and extensive CLM and CRM portfolio presents an unparalleled opportunity for partners and customers alike. We can now equip our highly experienced partners with the tool they need to successfully move their brand to the new level of success.”

Deep insights into customer behavior and targeted interactions

The powerful combination of advanced analytics and customer interaction app provides an opportunity not to miss a single piece of information from fields; helps to track even the slightest changes in customer needs and preferences; streamlines key-message adaptation to the current market demands and empowers value communication with physicians and pharmacists, based on the feedback from the previous interactions.

Smooth marketing campaigns launch and multichannel materials distribution

With Viseven CLM, you can shorten time to market, schedule and run several marketing cycles at once, instantly measure the performance of the overall campaign, as well as productivity of each sales representative. Due to the specific functionalities, available for regional managers, key account managers and merchandisers, you can optimize all the activities in fields – monitor POSM distribution, sales, compliance with agreements, availability of products in stock, create some special offers and discounts, calculate the revenue and much more. Except that, your filed forces can easily access all the necessary materials right from their tablet, and even send some proposals or additional product information directly to the healthcare professionals.

Increased customer engagement and satisfaction

In order to improve customer involvement into dialogue, you need to astonish them somehow, capture their attention and provide with reliable data. eDetailing presentations, which run in Viseven CLM, allow reaching all those goals, by bringing interactivity into communication, demonstrating some bright and vivid images, which help to illustrate each particular situation (for example, draw a memorable patient profile) and suggesting some credible statistics from clinical trials to support the story.

To get more information about how Viseven CLM can improve pharma communication – contact us right away and our representative will be in touch shortly.

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