Key Questions To Boost Your KOL Management – Part 3/8: KOL Profiling

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KOL Management is a broad term that, in our minds, refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging, and interacting with KOLs. From beginning to end. In this series of articles, we address the key questions to ask at every step of the cycle to ensure that your KOL Management is focussed, compliant, mutually beneficial, and of real scientific value.

How Does Profiling Help With KOL Management?

The link between understanding your KOLs and effective KOL Management is straightforward — the better you understand and know a KOL, the better you can engage with them in the best and most transparent way possible!

But fully understanding the KOL goes just beyond simple profiling. There are many different components to understanding KOLs – the drivers behind KOL behaviour, how they want to work with you, their scientific focus and areas of interest going forward, and their collaboration preferences.

To help you get there, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you created comprehensive profiles about your Experts so that you understand their professional activity, involvement, and areas of interest?
  • Have you understood exactly how your Experts would like to work with you, their preferences for collaboration, their restrictions and Caps?
  • Do you have a good understanding of how a KOL would best like to consume the data and scientific information you will provide to them? What is their preferred vehicle of choice?
  • Have you analysed the keen scientific messages being communicated and authored by your KOLs for your competitors – to help you better understand them?
  • Are you aware of how KOLs perceive your company, your commitment to a therapy area, your clinical communications, your MSLs, etc., and how does all this compare to other companies in this space?

By addressing the questions above, you can make KOL Management decisions that rely less on faith and luck, and more on instinct and facts.

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