FC+, a suite of Excel add-ins, specifically designed for Pharma Forecasting has been upgraded


J+D Forecasting, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical forecasting companies, has today announced the release of several pharmaceutical forecasting software upgrades.

The unique Excel software has been specifically created for anyone involved in Pharmaceutical forecasting, to produce forecast models quickly and easily with confidence.

Onco+ provides the most accurate approach to Oncology forecasting, whilst Sales+ is the first pharma Excel add-in to support the creation of statistical, event-based and probability forecasting models using one application. Epi+ offers a modular step by step approach to forecast creation. Flow+ is suitable for progressive diseases where it is important to follow the progression of patients.

Built upon forecasting best practise principles, the Microsoft Excel add-ins, help the user develop clear, concise, and transparent forecasts that the whole team can engage with at a granular and high level.

The recent enhancements are particularly important development during the COVID-19 pandemic as the user can choose up to 100 events, previously 10. Also, the user can export to Excel and share their forecasts with anyone with or without a licence. In addition, analysis can be extracted to PowerBI for deeper insights and even better visualisation of the outputs.

David James, CEO at J+D Forecasting, said: “The pharmaceutical market is constantly evolving and the ability to produce forecasts quickly, by utilising the most accurate and user-friendly approach, plus visualise like never before has never been more important. An effective forecasting approach supports better decision making.”