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Whether it’s a trial group, a professional body, or a patient advocacy organisation, should we not treat such entities the same as KOLs?

Should we not create collaboration plans customised to each entity, track all engagements and interactions with them across our organisation, and report on everything with the same vigour and focus that we do with our KOL interactions?

The answer is absolutely! The importance of such entities in helping you meet your strategic and tactical goals is beyond doubt.

Our Superfly end-to-end management platform enables you to treat entities exactly as you would KOLs.

See a dashboard profile of each entitity showing you their activities, geographical reach, publications, trial outputs, etc. Then create targeted engagement plans that take into account all these variables and are aligned with your strategy.

Implement those plans and track reality against planned objectives. Assign multiple key account contacts for each entity, create push/pull notifications alerts whenever anyone engages with the entity, and much more.

You can even link KOLs to entities in the same plan to track their network and influence across the organizations you want to work with.

It’s only through such an integrated approach, where KOLs and entitities are treated with equal importance, can you maximise the opportunities for your brands.

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