Perceptions of Telehealth Use Shifting During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed everyday routines worldwide, forcing people to quickly adapt to new, and often confusing, aspects of life. Fortunately, technology has played a sizable role in helping people to maintain as close to a sense of normalcy as possible.

Telehealth, or video chats with healthcare professionals, have been specifically helpful in ensuring that people have a safe, efficient way to connect with their HCPs while receiving the information and support they need. In fact, 48% of respondents, in a Health Union survey of 2,214 people living with chronic health concerns, said they either had or plan to have a telehealth appointment since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. This survey, which was fielded April 14-17, was the second of a series of “snapshots in time” that track the perspectives and health behaviors of people with chronic conditions throughout the pandemic.

That 48% is a notable increase – more than double – from the 23% of respondents from Health Union’s first COVID-19 survey (fielded in March) who said they either had or planned to have a telehealth appointment.

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