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You spend a significant amount of time and money creating important publications, abstracts, posters, and other data communications.

These are read by some of the people you want to reach, but chances are there are vast numbers of HCPs who do not fully engage with your content.

So, here is a proposition for this hard-to-engage group: instead of reading the full paper, why don’t they just watch a video of it on their phone instead?

And by “video” we don’t mean the usual ones that are enormously expensive and take months to create.

We mean a “Headline Video” that is purposefully short (e.g. 90 seconds), graphical, to-the-point, and designed specifically for smartphone use — perfectly in line with today’s content consumption habits.

Oh, and the video is created (mostly) by a machine!

Pre-designed templates and set-scenes that stitch together automatically enables an AI-led process to create a semi-customised Headline Video of your publication/abstract, with constant Medical Writer oversight. This is all done at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional videos. The video can even be translated instantly.

The end result is a powerful campaign of key-message led, data-driven, bite-sized video content ready to be pushed out to a mass audience though digital channels — from Instagram to QR poster codes, from Medscape to LinkedIn.

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