4 Reasons Why Asia is the Next Hub of Microbiome Innovation

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In conjunction with the ongoing efforts in the US and Europe, the study of the human microbiome and its application to the pharmaceutical sector has become an increasingly active and global initiative in Asia.

As such, and in anticipation for the upcoming Microbiome Movement – Drug Development & Nutrition Summit in Singapore this September, I wanted to share with you 4 reasons why we’re excited to shine the spotlight on the translational human microbiome within the Asia-Pacific region:

  1. Substantial commercial growth of new start-ups that are developing microbiome-based therapeutics across a range of target disease phenotypes
    1. XBiome, China’s first AI-based company focused on the gut microbiome, raises a total of $10mn to help accelerate clinical pipelines
    2. CJ CheilJedang invests $3.3mn into KoBioLabs to help develop microbiome-based therapeutics and nutritional products
    3. GenoFocus develop microbiome-based therapeutics that produce therapeutic proteins or enzymes in situ
  2. High profile publications from leading microbiome-focused academics
    1. Prof. Kenya Honda publishes a breakthrough study linking the microbiome with anti-cancer immunity: Read more
    2. Prof. Takuji Yamada publishes data which shows how the gut microbiome may be used to help predict patients with colorectal cancer: Read more
    3. Prof. Liping Zhao presents new research linking the role of SCFAs to alleviate type 2 diabetes
  3. Clinical progress of microbiome-based candidates targeted for Asian populations
    1. Genome & Company apply for Phase 1 clinical trial of microbiome-based therapeutic by the US FDA: Read more
    2. GI Innovation establish a multi-project deal with Samsung Biologics to help product phase 1 drug substances that target the human microbiome: Read more
    3. AsiaBiome prepare for phase 1 clinical trials for an LBP that targets type 2 diabetes
  4. Establishment of multidisciplinary consortiums that are looking to accelerate standardization and harmonize regulatory consensus for an emerging field
    1. 17 Leading pharmaceutical companies help form Japan Microbiome Consortium (JMBC): Read more
    2. Prof. Yuan Kun Lee establishes the Asian Microbiome Project to find predictive microbiome signatures for children across the Asia Pacific region: Read more
    3. The Taiwan Microbiota Consortium establishes to improve the understanding of the gut mirobiome on health of the Taiwanese population: Read more

For full details on our comprehensive two day agenda and to understand why Asia will be the next hub of microbiome innovation, download the event program here.

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Jenna Warren

15 July, 2019