From Land to Sea: Exploring your freight options


Multiple factors affect the decision to choose a particular mode of transport for pharmaceuticals. Listening to the feedback received on the topic of air freight vs sea freight, SMi Group interviewed Managing Director for Modalis Ltd, Mark Edwards, to gain insight on his thoughts on the continuing importance of sea freight in the transportation of temperature controlled pharmaceuticals. Here’s a snippet:

SMi: How would you describe the sea freight distribution industry segment at the moment, and how do you see it evolving over the next few years?

Mark: “…Shipping lines have woken up to the fact that they can earn significant revenues from moving pharmaceuticals but that they need special handling.  Some have invested heavily in smart solutions in order to facilitate the transportation of pharma by sea.  I see other lines playing catch-up.  I also see the introduction of more technology giving visibility to the process and increasing the confidence of this mode to be effective for pharmaceuticals…”

SMi: What do you believe are the biggest challenges faced at each stage in the distribution process and what can be done to overcome these challenges?

Mark: “…I think that traceability throughout the supply chain is the industry’s biggest challenge.  My hope is that the “Internet of things” can offer some practical and cost-effective solutions in the near future…”

The full Q&A is now available to view in the download centre on the event website.

Mark will be discussing real life experiences of companies successfully using sea freight on Day 1 of the conference, with a focus on switching to sea freight. Mark will also be a panelist during the interactive GDP guideline compliance panel discussion together with Tony Wright, CEO, Exelsius (Moderator), Stephen Mitchell, Quality Lead Logistics Partnerships, GSK, Glyn Stacey, CEO Bio Ltd and Executive Director, International Stem Cell Banking Initiative & Sascha Sonnenberg, VP Commercial Operations Americas & EMEA, Marken.

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