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The possibilities of RNA therapeutics have never been so exciting! Moderna Therapeutics have just announced that their first patient has been injected with their potentially ground-breaking RNA based anti-cancer vaccine. This individualised medicine has been designed to assist the immune system of each patient to recognise and attack the cancer. http://bit.ly/2ilVA6C

Want to learn more about RNA therapeutics and their potential to treat cancer?

Explore how miRNases can target lyphosarcoma cells with Elena Bichenkova from Manchester University. She will discuss how novel peptide-olognucleotide biconjugates can silence miR-21 in lymphosarcoma cells as a potential intervention for cancer and how intelligent ant-cancer therapeutics are being developed against oncogenic microRNAs. Elena will also present key challenges in the traditional drug discovery and development (DDD) process, where she will highlight some emerging opportunities in attempt to overcome the key issues.

Day 1 | @12.20 | miRNases: Novel peptide-oligonucleotide bioconjugates that silence miR-21 in lymphosarcoma cells
Elena Bichenkova, Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, Manchester University

You can also discover opportunities and challenges of developing microRNA based oligonucleotide therapeutics with Ekkehard Leberer. He will illustrate the generation of an anti-fibrotic oligonucleotide drug targeting microRNA-21, which has been implicated in multiple organs with fibrosis and cancer. Ekkehard will also present, how MicroRNAs regulate by the mechanism of RNA interference (RNAi) biochemical pathways involved in human diseases.

Keynote Address: Day 1 | @11:40 | MicroRNA Therapeutics: Opportunities and Challenges for Targeting the Pathways of Human Disease
Ekkehard Leberer, Senior Director, Sanofi

SMi’s RNA Therapeutics will be bringing a global presence from MHRA, The RNA Institute, MiNA Therapeutics, AstraZeneca R&D, GSK, Sanofi, CureVac and more. With an agenda full of exciting and new approaches, examine the latest developments in delivery systems for RNA Therapeutics, including Exosomes, Nanocomplexes and Platform Delivery Approaches and patenting RNA Therapeutics. www.therapeutics-rna.com/phpr

For those looking to attend there is currently a £200 early-bird saving, ending November 30th.

Further information is available at: www.therapeutics-rna.com/phpr

SMi presents the 9th Annual Conference:
RNA Therapeutics
Date: 21st – 22nd February 2018
Location: Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum
Website: www.therapeutics-rna.com/phpr

Sponsored by: ChemGenes | Phion Therapeutics


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