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SMi reports: Hear from Gisbert Scnieder, Professor, Chair for Computer-Assisted Drug Design, ETH Zurich at SMi’s Drug Discovery conference in March

Small-molecule drug discovery can be viewed as a challenging multidimensional problem in which various characteristics of compounds — including efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety — need to be optimized in parallel to provide drug candidates. Recent advances in areas such as artificial intelligence systems that improve a design hypothesis through feedback analysis, are now providing a basis for the introduction of greater automation into aspects of this process. This could potentially accelerate time frames for compound discovery and optimization and enable more effective searches of chemical space. However, such approaches also raise considerable conceptual, technical and organizational challenges, as well as scepticism about the current hype around them [GISBERT SCNIEDER, 2017).

Hear more from Gisbert Scnieder at SMi’s Drug Discovery conference taking place in London on 21st and 22nd March 2018. Mr Scnieder will discuss “Artificially Intelligent Drug Design”: De Novo Compound Design in Silico; Target Prediction and Off-Target Profiling; Automating Drug Discovery by Machine Learning. Exscientia, BenevolentAI and AstraZeneca will also be presenting on Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery.

SMi are additionally hosting two pre-conference workshops on Tuesday 20th March which will be lead by Axol Bioscience and AstraZeneca. Get to understand the revolutionary biological technique of creating induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) from any source material. Learn about sourcing of healthy and disease cells from patient material, including possible ethical and consensual pitfalls. Learn a historical perspective of reprogramming technology and the fundamentals of turning cells into the iPSC state. Learn how to use CRISPR/CAS9 to create disease models in iPSCs. Learn from AstraZeneca’s UK Lead for Genome Editing / CRISPR on how genome editing has revolutionised drug development and so much more!

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Drug Discovery
21st – 22nd March 2018
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

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