ASCO 2024 - Mohit Manrao

ASCO Mohit Manrao feature

Just about everyone seems to agree that the runaway success story of ASCO this year is AstraZeneca, with plenary sessions for the sixth year in a row and three major practice-changing studies.

For the second year in a row, pharmaphorum was lucky enough to sit down with AstraZeneca SVP and Head of Oncology Mohit Manrao in advance of the conference to talk not just about AstraZeneca’s ASCO news (though they do talk about all four of AZ’s major headlines), but much more broadly about some of the biggest trends and challenges in oncology today.

In a long conversation with editor in chief Jonah Comstock, Manrao gets into the importance of screening and diagnostics, how the industry needs to advance health equity in cancer care, and the role of AI in cancer care. They also discuss antibody-drug conjugates and cell therapy, as well as a little about AstraZeneca’s strategy around M&A.

Over the next few weeks, watch this space for many on-site interviews from ASCO. But first, we invite you to whet your appetite with this deeper conversation with the conference’s belle of the ball.