Human Longevity Inc raises cash for genomics ventures


Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) – the brainchild of genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter – has raised $220 million through a series B round of funding. The company now hopes to expand its existing genomics programmes as well as look into new services.

Venter's company is focused on the ultimate goal of improving human longevity through genomics research. It has various initiatives already running, most notably the genomics database-machine learning hybrid research programme Health Nucleus and a new oncology genomics programme that offers comprehensive whole germline and tumour genome analysis.

In 2014, an initial series A $80 million funding from a range of investors – including cancer and inflammation-focussed biotech Celgene and genetics biotech Illumina - was intended to be used in the formation of the world's largest human genome sequencing centre.

HLI have since met that goal and expanded its business model to include a commercial focus, seeing the formation of its aforementioned genomics and oncology research programmes and products for the general public.

The company is now looking to new pastures in its quest for a more personalised approach to medicine, including liquid biopsies for measuring circulating cancer cell DNA and cancer vaccines.

Marco Ricci

13 April, 2016